10 seas that were named after an explorer

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Being the first in a discipline brings a big advantage. You can give it your name! Be it a scientific exploration, a difficult exercise in gymnastics or an opening in a game of chess. The next navigators were granted eternal gratitude in the form of a sea that was named after them, being the first recorded and official explorer.

William Baffin (1584?-1622), English navigator – Baffin Bay

Willem Barentz (1550-1597), Dutch navigator and cartographer – Barentz Sea

George Bass (1771-1803), English explorer – Bass Strait (separating Tasmania from Australia)

Francis Beaufort (1774-1847), Irish hydrologist, also creator of the Beaufort Scale – Beaufort Sea 

Vitus Bering (1681-1741), Danish navigator – Bering Sea

James Cook (1728-1779), British navigator, cartographer and explorer  – Cook Strait

Dmitry Laptev (1701-1771), Russian explorer and cousin  Khariton Laptev (1700-1763), naval officer  – Laptev Sea

Ferdinand Magellan (1480?-1521), Portuguese explorer – Strait of Magellan (small body of water for a great explorer)

Abel Janszoon Tasman (1603-1659), Dutch explorer and merchant – Tasman Sea

Luis Váez de Torres (1565?-1603), Galician explorer  – Torres Strait (strait between Australia and New Guinea)

James Weddell (1787-1834), British explorer and seal hunter – Weddel Sea