10 Things that were impossible 10 years ago (and what changed that)

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Oh, how time flies! It takes just one blink of an eye to realize we’re already 10 steps ahead in the future. And all these new developments are not slowing down, so expect to see lots more in the foreseeable future. But for now, here’s a list of 10 things that you couldn’t dream of just 10 years ago:

Top 10 things that were impossible 10 years ago

  1. Driving a hybrid car that actually works (Toyota Prius)
  2. Checking out US military attacks from Apache attack helicopters (Wikileaks)
  3. Using the same currency in several European countries (The Euro)
  4. Uploading hours of your home video for the whole world to see (Youtube)
  5. Reading about events seconds after they happen (Twitter)
  6. Knowing that Harry and Hermione won’t end up together (Harry Potter)
  7. Pitching a tent downtown New York protesting against the financial system (Occupy Wall Street)
  8. Driving a 1000+ bhp road legal car (Bugatti Veyron)
  9. Streaming all the music you want via the Internet (Spotify)
  10. Jetsons style video calling (Apple Facetime)

Source: Seriousrankings.com