Top 10 countries by coal production

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Coal is the world’s largest source of energy for the production of electricity. It’s also relatively cheap. It accounts for 40% of the generation of electricity in the United States. Coal is also the largest source of carbon dioxide release. Many (growing) economies rely on the countries that produce coal. So here’s a top 10 countries by coal production!

Coal has always played an important role in history. In the early days it was used for generating heat. Basically, coal is nothing more than dead plant matter that over time and pressure converted into peat, and then into lignite, to eventually convert into anthracite. It can be extracted from the ground by coal mining, although this is not always without risk. The worst mining disasters all involve coal production.

The total amount of the world’s coal production is almost 8,000 million tonnes. But which countries produce the most coal on an annual basis? How much coal is extracted from the ground in million tonnes? Check the top 10 countries by coal production!

Top 10 countries by coal production

  1. Kazakhstan – 116 million tonnes
  2. Poland – 139 million tonnes
  3. Germany – 189 million tonnes
  4. South Africa – 255 million tonnes
  5. Indonesia – 325 million tonnes
  6. Russia – 334 million tonnes
  7. Australia – 416 million tonnes
  8. India – 589 million tonnes
  9. United States – 993 million tonnes
  10. China – 3,520 million tonnes

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