Easter Special – Top 10 egg consumption by country

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It’s almost Easter. Since its origins Easter is a time of celebrating and feasting in the Christian world. Many countries around the world have their own Easter customs, such as the lighting of great bonfires (Cyprus, Greece, Germany) or even spanking or whipping (Czech Republic). One of the most notable traditions however has to do with eggs, like decorating eggs or egg hunting. Easter obviously boosts egg consumption worldwide.

In many countries eggs are an important ingredient of the daily consumption. Chicken eggs are high in nutritional value. They contain a lot of protein and also provide several vitamins and minerals. It is estimated that around 6.4 billion hens lay around 62 million metric tons of eggs annually. Chicken eggs are widely used in a variety of dishes. Would you like your egg scrambled, fried or boiled? But which country has the highest egg consumption per capita? How many eggs are consumed on an annual basis, assumed that one egg weighs around 50 grams? Here’s a top 10 egg consumption by country!

Have fun decorating eggs and happy Easter!

Top 10 egg consumption by country

  1. Belarus – 15,14 kg/y or 303 eggs
  2. Latvia – 15,39 kg/y or 308 eggs
  3. Hungary – 15,79 kg/y or 316 eggs
  4. China – 17,41 kg/y or 348 eggs
  5. The Netherlands – 17,94 kg/y or 359 eggs
  6. Mexico – 18,37 kg/y or 367 eggs
  7. Paraguay – 18,74 kg/y or 375 eggs
  8. Japan – 19,59 kg/y or 392 eggs
  9. Denmark – 19,61 kg/y or 392 eggs
  10. Brunei – 20,99 kg/y or 420 eggs

The average American consumes approximately 286 eggs a year

Watt Publishing; 2007