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Top 10 countries by uranium reserve (2016 UPDATE)

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In 2012 the nuclear power capacity worldwide rose to 372.5 gigawatts. In total 437 nuclear power reactors were operating worldwide in 31 countries. Although some countries like Germany and Japan have said to permanently shut down all reactors, others, such as China, India, Saudi Arabia and Russia will open new nuclear reactors in order to satisfy its energy demand.

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Top 10 most fatal shark attacks by region

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The chances that you will be attacked by a shark when you enter the coastal waters are 1 out of 11.5 million. Chances are much higher that you will be struck by lightning. Still, entering a predator’s habitat always imposes a risk. In New Zealand a 47-year-old man was killed today in a rare shark attack at Muriwai Beach, west of Auckland. New Zealand is definitely not the region where the most shark attacks occur.

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