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Top 10 longest motor yachts

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Imagine your motor yacht, one of the largest motor yachts ever built, cruising around the blue waters of the Mediterranean, just a few nautical miles from Nice, Cannes or Monaco. Champagne, caviar and lobster for lunch prepared by your own chef de cuisine. You’ve just discussed some million dollar contracts and now you’re staring at the horizon.

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Top 10 famous German loanwords

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“Ich bin ein Berliner”. This quotation by John F. Kennedy was part of one of the most notable speeches of the Cold War era. An easy phrase in German, that everybody understands. The fact that he was literally saying that he was a doughnut from Berlin only reinforced the statement. Throughout history, Germans have played an important role in literature, philosophy, politics and science. Many words in English have their origin in German. The word loanword itself is derived from the German Lehnwort. But it’s not famous enough to enter the next list of ten famous German loanwords.

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