Top 10 best beaches in Portugal

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Ah, Portugal! There aren’t a lot of European countries where you can still get a serious bang for your, ehm, euro. Despite of (or maybe thanks to) the economic crisis you’ll get a serious lunch and dinner for a reasonable price here. Everyone likes a good chicken piri-piri or a nice fishy cataplana. And the wines! Don’t get us started! Any supermercado will sell you a perfectly balanced Alentejo red for maybe 2 euros. And where better to enjoy those than at a fantastic beach at sunset?

This list hands you the top 10 best beaches in Portugal to wow your girl.

Top ten Portuguese beaches

  1. Santa Maria, the Azores
  2. Porto Santo, Madeira
  3. Salema, Algarve
  4. Tavira, Algarve
  5. Praia da Rocha, Algarve
  6. Santo Andre, Alentejo
  7. Praia da Caparica, Lisbon
  8. Estoril and Cascais, Lisbon
  9. Praia Adraga and Baleal, Costa de Prata
  10. Vila Praia da Ancora, Costa Verde

Source: The Independent