Top 10 best places to swim with sharks

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If you’re looking for something that’ll pump up your adrenalin level and you like to swim in the open waters, then you might be interested in swimming with sharks. Why not? It’s not the safest way to get your blood flowing, but it’s definitily exciting! So don’t be afraid and dive into this blue clear world to take a look at one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Here’s a list of top 10 places to swim with sharks!

Top 10 best places to swim with sharks

  1. Isla Guadalupe, Mexico – beautiful, unpolluted water where you can dive with the Great White
  2. Maldives, Indian Ocean – on these remote islands it’s easy to spot Whale Sharks, Black Tips and many more
  3. Hin Mu Sang, Thailand – experienced divers can swim with Leopard Sharks
  4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia – an underwater paradise where you can swim with a broad variety of shark species (Tigers, Black-tip and White-tip Reef Sharks etc.)
  5. Gansbaai, South Africa – the shark capital of the world. You’ll dive inside a cage to spot many great whites. AKA Shark Alley!
  6. Galapagos Islands, Equador – beautiful place to swim with the white tip and the nurse shark
  7. Farallon Islands, California – in these cool waters it’s easy to spot a White Shark
  8. False Bay, South Africa – experienced divers only can take a look at the Great White!
  9. Cocos Island, Costa Rica – a true paradise where you can swim with the hammerhead shark
  10. Bahamas, Caribbean – clear water, diversity of shark species (lemon sharks, tiger sharks)

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