Top 10 best selling wine brands

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Over the last thirty years, wine has gained a lot of popularity. One would expect that classic wine producing countries, such as France, Italy an Spain would take the most profit out of this development, but this is absolutely not the case. On the contrary, it is the New World of wine where the big wine brands are based. So what are the best selling wine brands? You’ll probably have tried one of the wines in the next top-10 list. Measured in 9 liter cases = 12 bottles.

Top 10 best selling wine brands

  1. Blossom Hill, California – 5,0 million cases
  2. Jacobs Creek, Australia* – 6,8 million cases
  3. Lindemans, Australia** – 7,0 million cases
  4. Sutter Home, California, USA – 7,8 million cases
  5. Beringer, California, USA** – 8,0 million cases
  6. Hardys, Australia – 9,2 million cases
  7. Robert Mondavi, California, USA – 9,8 million cases
  8. Yellow Tail, Australia – 10,7 million cases
  9. Concha y Toro, Chili – 29,7 million cases
  10. Gallo, California, USA – 75 million cases

* Jacobs Creek is part of the French company Pernod Ricard
** Beringer and Lindemans belong to the UK based Treasury Wine Estates
Source: The Drinks Business 2012

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