Top 10 biggest cocaine busts ever

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Last week more than 17,500 pounds of cocaine was seized in the harbour of Antwerp, Belgium. The cocaine was hidden among boxes of bananas on a ship from Equador. It was Europe’s second biggest cocaine seizure ever. But last week’s bust doesn’t enter our next top 10 list biggest coke busts ever. It took some time to investigate but here’s our next top 10 list of biggest cocaine busts in pounds (lb)!

NB the bananas were donated to the animals of the Rotterdam Zoo

Top 10 biggest cocaine busts ever

  1. 27 July 1995, 780 miles west of Peru: Nataly One is investigated by US Coast Guard. In total 24,325 lb/11,033kg of cocaine is intercepted
  2. 2 October 2002, off coast Panama: 25,300 lb / 11,475kg of coke is discovered om fishing vessel Paulo by US Coast Guard
  3. 23 September 2004,Pacific: USS Crommelin is involved in seizuring 26,369 lb/11,960kg from the Belize-flagged vessel San Jose
  4. 5 January 2001, Pacific: 26,397 lb / 11,973kg of coke is found by the US Coast Guard on the Sveska Maru, about 1,500 miles south of San Diego
  5. 25 May 2011, Cartagena , Colombia: police officers detect about 26,500 lb / 12,020kg of coke in the harbour of Cartagena
  6. 13 May 2005, Colombia: Colombian navy finds cocaine, 30,100 lb / 13,653kg on a jungle riverbank near Tumaco
  7. 17 September 2004, Eastern Pacific: DEA seizes 30,109 lb / 13,657kg of cocaine on board of the fishing vessel Lina Maria, 300 miles southwest of the Galapagos Islands.
  8. 10 March 1984, 30,423 lb / 13,799kg was detected on Tranquilanda, Colombia
  9. 21 March 2007, 20 miles southwest of the Panama coast, 42,845 lb / 19,434kg was seized aboard the motor vessel Gatun
  10. 30 September 1989, Los Angeles: 47,178 lb / 21,399kg of coke was found in a warehouse

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