Top 10 biggest oil spills ever


Oil keeps our economies running. It’s literally fueling the tank of a society. Among the biggest companies worldwide oil companies are listed high. And as prices per barrel increase it is only logical that these companies are willing to take more risk to drill even deeper or go to places where it is harder to extract oil. Moreover, once it is drilled it needs to be transported to a refinery to turn it into petrol to start capitalizing on investment.

Many countries have big oil terminals or pipe line systems to transport oil. Safety regulations are typically strict, but sometimes things go terribly wrong, resulting in loss of lives or extreme environmental damage. As long as oil is profitable, these are the disasters a society has to live with. Here’s a top 10 biggest oil spills ever!

Top 10 biggest oil spills ever

  1. Odyssey Oil Spill, 1988, 700 miles off coast of Nova Scotia, Canada – 43 million gallons
  2. Amoco Cadiz, 1978, off Brittany, France – 68.7 million gallons
  3. Castillo de Bellver, 1983, off Saldanha Bay, South Africa – 78.5 million gallons
  4. ABT Summer, 1991, 900 miles off coast of Angola – 80 million gallons
  5. Nowruz Oil Field, 1983, Persian Gulf – 80 million gallons
  6. Fergana Valley, 1992, Uzbekistan – 87.7 million gallons
  7. Atlantic Empress, 1979, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies – 88.3 million gallons
  8. Ixtoc 1 Oil Well, 1979, Bay of Campeche, Mexico – 140 million gallons
  9. Deepwater Horizon, 2010, Mexican Gulf – 210 million gallons
  10. Gulf War, 1991, Kuwait – 240 to 336 million gallons

Source: More info at the Telegraph

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