Top 10 biggest stadiums in the world

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Most sports nowadays are televised, reaching an worldwide audience of billions of people. Watching the finals together with friends is great, but actually being there as it happens is priceless. Feel the energy of 100,000 fans, hear the ref’s whistle, see your favorite players in the biggest stadiums in the world.

Global companies such as MC Donald’s, Canon and Budweiser pay a lot to be major sponsors of the various sporting events, the most notable being the FIFA Soccer World Cup. Modern stadiums are often named after the major sponsor. The Allianz Arena (capacity: 71,137) in Munich or the FedEX Field (capacity: 82,000), home of the Washington Redskins are some well known examples. The biggest stadium in the world used to be the Strahov Stadium in Prague, Czech Republic with a capacity of 220,000. Today it’s no longer in use as a stadium, although it is used to host pop concerts. So what are the biggest stadiums in the world by capacity? Check the following list biggest stadiums in the world!

Top 10 biggest stadiums in the world

  1. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia – 100,024
  2. Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium, Austin, USA – 100,119
  3. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, USA – 101,821
  4. Ohio Stadium, Columbus, USA – 102,329
  5. Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, USA – 102,455
  6. Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico – 105,000
  7. Beaver Stadium, State College, USA – 106,572
  8. Michigan Stadium, Detroit (Ann Arbor), USA – 109,901
  9. Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata, India – 120,000
  10. Rungnado May Day Stadium, Pyongyang, North Korea – 150,000