Top 10 billionaires who never graduated

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Billionaires in spe don’t feel the necessity to graduate. They don’t want to spend time on useless high school projects. They have a vision to work on. And when the big job is done and the cash is flowing in, they hire Ivy League graduates to manage their operations. After they dropped out…perfectly ironic, isn’t it? So here’s our top 10 billionairs who never graduated!

Top 10 billionairs who never graduated

  1. Steven Spielberg, dropped out of Long Beach State in 1969 to begin his career as director – net worth $ 3.0 billion
  2. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, never graduated – net worth $ 188 billion
  3. Stephen Wozniak, ‘Woz’, co-founder of Apple – net worth $ 100 billion
  4. Sir Richard Branson, poor academic performance due to dyslexia, started Virgin – net worth $ 4,2 billion
  5. Ted Turner, founder of CNN, ‘Captain Outrageous’ never properly graduated – net worth $ 2.0 billion
  6. Sergey Brin, dropped out from Stanford to start Google with Larry Page – net worth $ 18.7 billion
  7. Larry Page, AKA for Google’s page rank, now CEO of Google – net worth $ 18.7 billion
  8. Warren Buffet, considered the most successful investor of the 20th century – net worth $ 44 billion
  9. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft – net worth $ 61 billion
  10. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, buddhist – net worth $ 7 billion

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