Top 10 cities by number of skyscrapers

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Modern cities that thrive economically well are all confronted with a big problem: limited space. That’s why the prices of the available land to build on rise and rise. In order to use the space as efficient as possible, skyscrapers are built. So how many skyscrapers can you spot in the following cities? Here’s a top 10 cities by number of skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers are an increasingly common sight where land is expensive, as in the centers of big cities, because they provide such a high ratio of rentable floor space per unit area of land. Some of the cities are also home of the world’s tallest buildings. Typically, only businesses can afford the high rents for offices. Hotels, banking companies and other, often, multinationals. Skyscrapers are also seen as symbols of a city’s economic power. Dubai isn’t faced with the problem of limited space, but is for that reason just as well listed in the next top 10 cities by number of skyscrapers. In this list a skyscraper is defined as a building taller than 100 meters. So how many skyscrapers are there in the next cities? Check out the next top 10 list!

Top 10 cities by number of skyscrapers

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 244 skyscrapers
  2. Seoul, South Korea – 282 skyscrapers
  3. Guangzhou, China – 295 skyscrapers
  4. Chicago, USA – 341 skyscrapers
  5. Bangkok, Thailand – 355 skyscrapers
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 403 skyscrapers
  7. Shanghai, China – 430 skyscrapers
  8. Tokyo, Japan – 556 skyscrapers
  9. New York City, USA – 794 skyscrapers
  10. Hong Kong, China – 2,354 skyscrapers


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