Top 10 countries by alcohol death rate (2014)

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The World Health Organization estimates that there are 140 million alcoholics worldwide. Ironically, this number equals the size of the population of Russia. But compared to other countries the alcohol death rate in Russia isn’t the worst offender expect. Russia is placed 4th on the list of countries by alcohol death rate.

Drinking alcohol on a daily basis isn’t the best thing to do, although some scientists claim that 2 or 3 glasses of red wine a day can be beneficial to your health. According to other scientists this amount of alcohol consumption would make you an alcoholic. The problems occur when someone can’t live without alcohol, feels the compulsive inability to stop drinking and is faced with alcohol withdrawal syndromes, such as the mild sleeping problems to the severe catatonia and everything in between. Obviously, alcoholism is a disease that can end in death.

But which countries can claim the highest amount of alcohol related fatalities? Out of 100,000, how many people die because of the booze? Check the top 10 countries by alcohol death rate!

Top 10 countries by alcohol death rate

  1. Slovenia – 7.19/100,000
  2. Finland – 7.55/100,000
  3. Latvia – 9.41/100,000
  4. Kyrgyzstan – 9.5/100,000
  5. Denmark – 10.54/100,000
  6. Ukraine – 10.57/100,000
  7. Russia – 12.25/100,000
  8. Belarus – 14.33/100,000
  9. Lithuania – 14.77/100,000
  10. Estonia – 22.03/100,000