Top 10 countries by annual working hours

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The average person is spending about one third of his or her life on work. It looks like a fair deal: you give time to deliver or to produce something and in return you get paid to do things you like to do with the rest of your life. The trick is to find a job that you love to do or one that is making so much money that you can resign from it easily, once you’ve reached your personal financial targets. Or just accept the fact that working is a part of life. If you love to work, then you’ll probably love to work in the countries in the next list. How many hours are spent on work on an annual basis? Check these countries by annual working hours!

Top 10 countries by annual working hours

  1. Turkey – 1.877 hours per year
  2. Israel – 1.890 hours per year
  3. Estonia – 1.924 hours per year
  4. Poland – 1.937 hours per year
  5. Hungary – 1.980 hours per year
  6. Russia – 1.981 hours per year
  7. Greece – 2.032 hours per year
  8. Chile – 2.047 hours per year
  9. South Korea – 2.090 hours per year
  10. Mexico – 2.250 hours per year

NB the average American worker works 1.787 hours per year

Source: OECD 2012

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