Top 10 countries by atheist population

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Many people in western society will go to church on sunday to listen to the sermon. They strongly believe in god. The United States are among the top 5 of most religious countries. But there are many countries where religion isn’t as widespread as in the US. In these countries there are many atheists, agnostics or non-believers in god.

Put roughly, atheists reject the possibility of something supernatural; agnosticism claims that the appearance of any deity is unknown and impossible to know; non-believers are unable to believe in anything that is not supported by evidence. What countries have the highest proportion of atheists? Here’s a top 10 countries by atheist population!

Top 10 countries by atheist population

  1. Estonia – 49%
  2. South Korea – 30-52%
  3. France – 43-54%
  4. Finland – 28-60%
  5. Czech Republic 54-61%
  6. Japan – 64-65%
  7. Norway – 31-72%
  8. Denmark – 43-80%
  9. Vietnam – 81%
  10. Sweden – 46-85%

Source: Adherents