Top 10 countries by bauxite production

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Bauxite is the world’s primary source of aluminium. Almost all metallic aluminium is produced from the ore bauxite. Bauxite occurs as a weathering product of low iron and silica bedrock in the tropics. So where can we find the most important countries by bauxite production?

The primary mining areas for the ore are in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Guinea, Indonesia, Jamaica, Russia and Suriname. Bauxite is usually strip mined because it is almost always found near the surface of the terrain, with little or no overburden. The dry bauxite is processed first into alumina (aluminium oxide), then into aluminium by electrolysis. The most important companies involved in the bauxite and aluminium production are Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan and the Russian UC RUSAL. The global production of bauxite is 248 000 000 metric tonnes annually. But when it comes to the countries by bauxite production, which are the top 10 producers in metric tonnes? Here’s a top 10 countries by bauxite production!

Top 10 countries by bauxite production

  1. Suriname – 3.236.116 metric tonnes
  2. Russia – 5.380.000 metric tonnes
  3. Kazakhstan – 5.495.200 metric tonnes
  4. Jamaica – 10.188.916 metric tonnes
  5. India – 12.992.000 metric tonnes
  6. Guinea – 17.593.100 metric tonnes
  7. Brazil – 33.694.700 metric tonnes
  8. China – 37.000.000 metric tonnes
  9. Indonesia – 41.000.000 metric tonnes
  10. Australia – 69.977.000 metric tonnes

Source 2011