Top 10 countries by beer production

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Without any doubt, the number one alcoholic beverage in the world is beer. Ancient civilizations already appreciated the beverage, and more specific, its effects. Medieval monks knew everything about beer production. Today, beer is consumed and produced in almost any country in the world. So which are the top 10 beer producing countries by volume?

Star, Budweiser, Corona and Heineken are all very well-known beer brands with production numbers that make you thirsty in an instant. But some countries don’t have just one or two big brands, but do have a rich tradition of beer brewing. Visit Belgium and Czech Republic for authentic beer tours and tastings for example. But do these countries score high when it comes to beer production? Let’s have a look at the following top 10 countries by beer production!

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Top 10 countries by beer production

  1. Spain – 3,300,000 kl
  2. Poland – 3,780,000 kl
  3. United Kingdom – 4,204,900 kl
  4. Japan – 5,590,845 kl
  5. Mexico – 8,250,000 kl
  6. Germany – 9,461,500 kl
  7. Russia – 9,740,000 kl
  8. Brazil – 13,400,000 kl
  9. USA – 22,952,295 kl
  10. China – 44,348,100 kl

NB kl = kiloliter = 1,000 liters