Top 10 countries by lithium supply

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Lithium. This silver-white metal belongs to the least dense solid elements. It’s highly reactive and flammable. Lithium and its compounds have a number of industrial applications, including glass and ceramics and, increasingly popular, lithium-ion batteries. For the latter reason, lithium is often referred to as ‘the next commodity’. So it’s relevant to know which countries have a rich lithium supply.

Demand for lithium-ion batteries appears to have the greatest potential for growth as many producers of sustainable energy resources are looking for possibilities to store energy in batteries. Various countries worldwide were establishing national alternative energy policies which have the potential to increase lithium demand. Strategic alliances have been established with lithium exploration companies worldwide to ensure a reliable, diversified supply of lithium. But which countries have the largest reserve of lithium in (estimated) tonnes? Here’s a top 10 countries by lithium supply!

Top 10 countries by lithium supply

  1. Portugal – 10,000 tonnes
  2. Zimbabwe – 23,000 tonnes
  3. Brazil – 64,000 tonnes
  4. United States – 118,000 tonnes
  5. Canada – 180,000 tonnes
  6. Argentina – 850,000 tonnes
  7. Australia – 970,000 tonnes
  8. China – 3,500,000 tonnes
  9. Bolivia – 5,400,000 tonnes (estimated)
  10. Chili – 7,500,000 tonnes

Afghanistan is believed to have a large reserve of lithium

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