Top 10 countries by wolf population size

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The grey wolf (Canis Lupus) once was an abundant species in the arctic and subarctic zones. Nowadays the total wolf population is reduced to about one third because of the fear over attacks to humans and the preservation of livestock. Attacks have occurred, although they are rare. In Europe, the grey wolf was almost extinct, but a large scale recovery programme began after the 1950’s. The conservation status of the grey wolf now is of least concern according to the Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN). Wolves are even spotted in densily populated areas such as the Netherlands or the German Ruhrgebiet. However, these numbers not close to the numbers in our next list. Check the countries by wolf population!

Top 10 countries by wolf population size

  1. Ukrain – 2.000 wolves, notably in the Zone of Alienation, north of Chernobyl
  2. Spain – 2.000 wolves, growing
  3. Kirgizstan – 4.000 wolves
  4. Turkey – 7.000 wolves
  5. United States – 9.000 wolves
  6. China – 12.500 wolves
  7. Mongolia – 10.000-20.000 wolves
  8. Russia – 25.000-30.000 wolves
  9. Kazakhstan – 30.000 wolves
  10. Canada – 52.000-60.000 wolves

Source: Wiki Wolf

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