Top 10 countries using hydropower

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Hydropower is the most widely used form of renewable energy. It soon accounts for approximately 20% of global electricity generation and it is expected to grow to 40% in the next 25 years. Hydropower is a flexible source of energy. It’s cost efficient and sustainable as power plants can easily function for more than 50 years.

The largest facility is the Three Gorges Dam in China with a capacity of 20,300 megawatts (MW). The Itaipu Dam on the border of Brazil and Paraguay delivers 14,000 MW. The most common generating methods include the building of dams, tidal power and run-of-the-river. Increasingly popular, especially in remote places, is the use of pico hydro. Small generators deleiver 5 KW to the max. This is sufficient for a small household.

Around 150 countries in the world are using hydropower as an energy source, but which country produces the most? Which has the highest hydropower capacity in gigawatts (GW)? Check this top 10 countries using hydropower!

Top 10 countries using hydropower

  1. Venezuela – 14.622 GW
  2. Sweden – 16.209 GW
  3. Japan – 27.229 GW
  4. Norway – 27.528 GW
  5. India – 33.600 GW
  6. Russia – 45.000 GW
  7. Brazil – 69.080 GW
  8. United States – 79.511 GW
  9. Canada – 88.974 GW
  10. China – 196.790 GW


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