Top 10 countries with the highest alcohol death rate

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We humans sure love a beer or a glass of wine every now and then. Social drinking is perfectly acceptable as long as you don’t overdo it. And boy, some people do make a mess of it (we’re looking at you, Russia!). As it is with statistics, they can shed some light on which countries harvest the toughest and most reckless drinkers in the world. So here’s our list of top 10 countries that have the most alcohol related fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants:

Top 10 countries with the highest alcohol related death rate

  1. Mauritius: 5.9/100,000 deaths
  2. Turkmenistan: 6.1/100,000 deaths
  3. Saint Vincent: 6.5/100,000 deaths
  4. Haiti: 8.6/100,000 deaths
  5. Nicaragua: 9.2/100,000 deaths
  6. Estonia: 9.2/100,000 deaths
  7. Denmark: 9.9/100,000 deaths
  8. Honduras: 12.9/100,000 deaths
  9. Guatemala: 16.4/100,000 deaths
  10. El Salvador: 25.1/100,000 deaths

(sorry Russia, obviously we were wrong)