Top 10 deadliest mountains

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Mountaineering can be a dangerous thing. People die every year on the flanks of the tallest mountains on our planet. So, should we be sensible and just stop doing it? No, of course not. But when you’re at it, just remember this top-10 list of deadliest mountains,

Top 10 deadliest mountains

  1. Mt. McKinley, 20,320 ft (Alaska): high latitude
  2. Mt. Everest, 29,029 ft (Himalayas): altitude, overcrowded
  3. Baintha Brakk, 23,901 ft (Karakoram): steepness
  4. Mt. Vinson, 16,050 ft (Antarctica): extreme cold
  5. Matterhorn, 14,690 ft (Alps): rockfall, overcrowded
  6. Eiger, 13,025 ft (Alps): rockfall, technically difficult
  7. Kangchenjunga, 28,169 ft (Himalayas): avalanches, bad weather
  8. Nanga Parbat, 26,660 ft (Himalayas): technically difficult
  9. K2, 28,251 ft (Karakoram): technically difficult
  10. Annapurna, 26,545 ft (Himalayas): highest fatality rate (53/130)
    Annapurna deadliest mountain

Source: MatadorNetwork