Top 10 deadliest tornadoes in the USA


A tornado is a violently rotating column of air which descends from a thunderstorm to the ground. It is one of the most destructive weather phenomenons, especially when supercells are formed. Tornadoes have been observed on every continent. However, the vast majority of tornadoes in the world occur in the so-called “Tornado Alley” region of the United States.

Peak months of tornado activity in the United States are April, May, and June, although they occur in any season. This year (2013) has already claimed its first tornado fatality. The deadliest tornado ever occurred in Bangladesh in April 2004, killing an estimated 1,300 people. But what are the deadliest tornadoes in the United States? Where and when did they take place? Here’s a top 10 list of deadliest tornadoes in the USA!

Top 10 deadliest tornadoes in the USA

  1. June 8, 1953, Flint (Michigan): 116 deaths
  2. June 12, 1899, New Richmond (Wisconsin): 117 deaths
  3. April 24, 1908, Amite (Louisana)/Purvis (Missouri): 143 deaths
  4. May 22, 2011, Joplin (Missouri): 158 deaths
  5. April 9, 1947, Woodward (Oklahoma): 181 deaths
  6. April 6, 1936, Gainesville (Georgia): 203 deaths
  7. April 5, 1936, Tupelo (Mississippi): 216 deaths
  8. May 27, 1896, St. Louis (Missouri): 255 deaths
  9. May 6, 1840, Natchez (Mississippi): 317 deaths
  10. March 18, 1925, Tri-State (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana): 695 deaths

Source: Storm Prediction Centre