Top 10 Europe’s most congested cities

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Most people hate traffic jams. Naturally. You’ll be late for your appointment. If you open the window you’ll be breathing polluted air. You’ve got to stay alert on the cars just ahead of you. Traffic jams are annoying. The advantages however are that you can flirt a lot, that is, if someone is flirtworthy. But you can also take some time for a shave, to send some mails or whatever. TomTom, a company specialized in car navigation, conducted a study to find out where in Europe you’re most likely to get stuck. Here’s the list of Europe’s most congested cities and find how many time you lose!

Top 10 Europe’s most congested cities

  1. Hamburg, Germany – 27%
  2. Stockholm, Sweden – 27%
  3. London, UK – 27%
  4. Leeds, UK – 28%
  5. Dublin, Ireland – 30%
  6. Paris, France – 32%
  7. Brussels, Belgium – 34%
  8. Rome, Italia – 34%
  9. Marseille, France – 41%
  10. Warsaw, Poland – 42%