Top 10 famous French singers

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Imagine a summer afternoon cruising the southern parts of France, the sun is shining, windows are opened, the wind is blowing. You pass sleepy villages, where dogs are lying lazy on the shady side of ‘le trottoir’. It’s a way to spend your holiday, at least for some of us. You can either dream away behind your steering wheel or you can spice the feeling of France with the next Top 10 list of famous French singers…

Top 10 famous French singers

  1. Jacques Higelin, singer, songwriter and…smoker. Still active in the smaller venues
  2. Carla Bruni, former model, singer and married to Nicolas Sarkozy
  3. Salvatore Adamo, sold more than 100 million records. Famous for “C’est ma vie”
  4. Julien Clerc, influenced by Piaf, Clerc is a very succesfull chansonnier
  5. Alizée, the youngest singer on our list, famous for ‘Moi…Lolita’, which reached number one in various countries
  6. Michel Fugain, after his hit ‘Une Belle Histoire’ (1972) his life turned into a success
  7. Charles Aznavour, also known as the French Sinatra, Aznavour is now more devoted to a political carreer
  8. France Gall, advocate of the French yé-yé sound, happy music for happy (French) people
  9. Edith Piaf, grandmother of the typical French sound and inspirational to many
  10. Jacques Brel, Belgian born Brel was a great artist and performer. Influenced many artists worldwide (David Bowie, Leonard Cohen)

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