Top 10 famous soccer players who smoke (d)

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Smoking obviously isn’t widely accepted anymore, especially when you’re an athlete. Only yesterday, Real Madrid’s manager Mourinho suspended Portuguese soccer player Fabio Coentrao, who was photographed leaving a restaurant smoking a cigarette. However, Coentrao is one of the many famous soccer players who loved a smoke. Take a look at our top 10 famous soccer players who smoke.

Top 10 soccer players who smoke

  1. Ashley Cole – Chelsea, still active
  2. Fabian Barthez – Manchester United, France
  3. Mesut Ozil – Real Madrid, still active
  4. Paul Gascoigne – various clubs, Newcastle United, Glasgow Rangers, stopped playing in 2005
  5. Mario Balotelli – Manchester City
  6. Johan Cruijff – Ajax, Barcelona and more. Cruijff nearly died of heart problems in 1991 and turned over to lollypops
  7. Zinedine Zidane, famous for smoking on the balcony, stopped playing in 2006
  8. Christiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid, still active
  9. Wayne Rooney – Manchester United, loves a beer too, still active
  10. Sócrates – one of the greatest players ever. Died in 2011, aged 58