Top 10 Footballs during the Worldcup

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Soccer is  not just a ballgame. It is the most important ballgame. With more than a billion watchers worldwide the worldcup is an event of great importance. Everything should be perfect, starting of course with the football.  Since 1970 Adidas is the supplier of footballs used on every official FIFA tournament.  Every tournament the ball is technologically  adapted to local circumstances. And the ball is given a name. Our top 10 favourite footballs are:

  1. Teamgeist – 2006 Worldcup Germany – was it the football or a team effort that lead to Italy’s victory?
  2. Tango España – 1982 Worldcup Spain – Rossi turned out to perform best in the Spanish Tango
  3. Tricolore – 1998 Worldcup France – French flag, French victory. Tricolore indeed!
  4. Questra – 1994 Worldcup USA. The quest ended with an Brazilian victory.
  5. Azteca – 1986 Worldcup Mexico. A football that matched Maradona’s skills to perfection.
  6. Tango – 1978 Worldcup Argentina. It was Kempes who Tangoed the Dutch
  7. Etrusco – 1990 Worldcup Italy. Not a great tournament, but a great name for a football.
  8. Telstar Durlast – 1974 Worldcup West-Germany. Der Bomber’s favourite!
  9. Telstar – 1970 Worldcup Mexico. Pele’s last tournament. Classic football.
  10. Jabulani – 2010 Worldcup South Africa. Jabulani means ‘ to celebrate’. Especially in Spain!

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