Top 10 French cheeses by production per AOC

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The French are so proud of their food that they even have a system called appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC). Translated this means ‘controlled designation of origin’. It’s a certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products. As a customer of these products you are guaranteed that the products are from the designated region and it is produced according to several, often severe, standards.

The AOC is most famous for its more than 300 French wines that are entitled to the designation AOC on their label. The origins of AOC however date back to the 15th century, when Roquefort was regulated by a parliamentary decree. Nowadays there are 46 regions where cheeses are made according to the AOC. Great French cheeses with their typical texture and taste. Cheeses that express the local ‘terroir’. In terms of production in tonnes here’s a top 10 French cheeses by production. Enjoy!

Top 10 French cheeses by production per AOC

  1. Bleu d’Auvergne – 6.137 tonnes, soft blue cow cheese
  2. St. Nectaire – 6.194 tonnes, semi-soft cow cheese
  3. Morbier – 6.556 tonnes, semi-soft cow cheese
  4. Brie de Meaux – 6.798 tonnes, soft-ripened cow cheese
  5. Munster – 6.800 tonnes, soft smear-ripened cow cheese
  6. Camembert – 14.000 tonnes, soft-ripened cow cheese
  7. Reblochon – 16.886 tonnes, soft washed-rind cow cheese
  8. Cantal – 18.703 tonnes, semi-hard to hard, aged cow cheese
  9. Roquefort – 18.830 tonnes, semi-hard, sheep milk blue cheese
  10. Comté – 51.700 tonnes, semi-hard, aged cow cheese

Source: Fromages de Terroirs

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