Top 10 garlic producing countries

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Garlic or Allium Sativum. This little bulb is a fundamental component of many culinary traditions and a major cause of bad breath. Its pungent taste mellows if cooked and adds flavour to meat, salades, fish and many more dishes. Garlic is easy to grow and there are several subspecies, some of which even have a protected geographical status. Moreover, garlic not only has culinary purposes, but is also said to be beneficial to health issues. Best known in Mediterranean dishes, so one would expect Spain, Italy or France as biggest producers of garlic. Our next list of garlic producing countries shows something else.

Top 10 garlic producing countries

  1. Ukraine – 157,400 tonnes
  2. Bangladesh – 164,392 tonnes
  3. United States – 169,510 tonnes
  4. Ethiopia – 180,300 tonnes
  5. Myanmar – 185,900 tonnes
  6. Russia – 213,480 tonnes
  7. Egypt – 244,626 tonnes
  8. South Korea – 271,560 tonnes
  9. India – 833,970 tonnes
  10. China – 18,558,669 tonnes

Source: FAO;2010

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