Top 10 highest mountains in Antarctica

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Climbing mountains isn’t something for the fainthearted. It’s quite dangerous even for experienced climbers. But for many people reaching the summit of a notable peak by foot is a number one goal in life. These mountaineers might be interested in climbing the highest mountains in Antarctica. This is as cool as it can get.

Antarctica is by far the coldest continent on earth. Trees don’t grow there, the only creatures that live in Antarctica are penguins, who prefer to spend the winters on the neighboring, very remote islands like Prince George Island or the Kerguelen Islands. And there are some researchers that permanently inhabit the continent for a wide range of scientific research. But they can sit and relax indoors enjoying a beer or two before going to bed. In this list we examine the tallest mountains in Antarctica. We’re wondering if there are people on the planet that have climbed all ten of them and still live to tell. And how would it be like when you reach the top and look around? Panoramically, it’s all white. Well, let’s just take a look at the top 10 highest mountains in Antarctica!

Top 10 highest mountains in Antarctica

  1. Mount Fridtjof Nansen – 8,990 ft (2,740 m)
  2. Mount Jackson – 10,007 ft (3,050 m
  3. Mount Terror* – 10,597 ft (3,230 m)
  4. Mount McClintock – 11,450 ft (3,490 m)
  5. Mount Erebus – 12,448 ft (3,794 m)
  6. Dome A – 13,422 ft (4,091 m)
  7. Mount Markham – 14,272 ft (4,350 m)
  8. Mount Kirkpatrick – 14,856 ft (4,528 m)
  9. Mount Tyree – 15,919 ft (4,852 m)
  10. Vinson Massif – 16,066 ft (4,897 m)

* a beautiful example of the Roman expression ‘Nomen est Omen’