Top 10 hotels by number of rooms

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People use to travel a lot, be it for business or for relaxing purposes. But we need to sleep too and that’s where hotels come in. The following list is not about quality, but about quantity. About hotels by number of rooms.

The hotel business is worth billions of dollars and it will only grow in the next decennia. Every room is a number, the more numbers, the more money is made as long as every room is permanently booked. Las Vegas scores high when it comes to the density of large hotels. But what are the others? And how many rooms do these hotels have? What’s their capacity? When did they open? Here’s a simple top 10 hotels by number of rooms!

Top 10 hotels by number of rooms

  1. Excalibur Hotel and Casino (1990), Las Vegas – 4,008 rooms
  2. The Venetian Las Vegas (1999) Las Vegas – 4,049 rooms
  3. Ambassador City Jomtien (1991), Pattaya (Thailand) – 4,219 rooms
  4. THEhotel/Mandalay Bay/Four Seasons (1999/2003), Las Vegas* – 4,332 rooms
  5. Luxor Las Vegas (1993), Las Vegas – 4,408 rooms
  6. Wynn & Encore Las Vegas (2005/2008), Las Vegas – 4,734 rooms
  7. Disney’s All-Star Resort (1971), Orlando – 5,524 rooms
  8. First World Hotel (1965), Genting Highlands (Malaysia) – 6,118 rooms
  9. MGM Grand Las Vegas (1993), Las Vegas – 6,852 rooms
  10. Izmailovo Hotel (1979), Moscow – 7,500 rooms

* to be rebranded as Delano Resort