Top 10 largest airlines in the world (2015)

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Air travel these days is available for almost everyone. On a yearly basis many millions of people enjoy the speed and ease of travelling by plane. Fares usually aren’t too steep and the journey is pretty comfortable. Of course there’s always room for improvements: delays, security checks and luggage restrictions to name just a few. But that’s for another time.

As with all businesses, there are some very succesful airlines. These are mainly US corporations, as their home base is more accustomed to flying than any other people in the world. So it should come as no surprise to see the Yanks topping our list of top 10 biggest airlines in the world, calculated by the number of passengers carried in 2015. But there are some surprising airlines on this list…

Top 10 airlines with the most passengers carries

  1. Air China (China): 58.7 million passengers
  2. Turkish Airlines (Turkey): 60.2 million passengers
  3. easyJet (United Kingdom): 70.2 million passengers
  4. China Eastern Airlines (China): 75.1 million passengers
  5. United Airlines (US): 95.4 million passengers
  6. Ryanair (Ireland): 101.4 million passengers
  7. China Southtern Airlines (China): 109.3 million passengers
  8. Delta Air Lines (US): 138.8 million passengers
  9. Southwest Airlines (US): 144.6 million passengers
  10. American Airlines (US): 146.5 million passengers

Source: Wikipedia.