Top 10 largest asteroid impacts by crater size

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Last friday, asteroid 2012 DA14 just missed Earth. Coincidentally, that morning a meteorite exploded over the skies of Chelyabinsk in Russia, injuring more than thousand people. Moreover, the meteorite shower caused more than $30 million in damage. Although this event is very rare, it’s not even coming close to the impact of the largest asteroids, known to man.

As a matter of fact, mankind hasn’t experienced such a mega blast yet. And if we are to experience such an impact, we probably wouldn’t survive to tell. The combination of size, velocity and mass of an asteroid creates big craters on the earth’s surface. What are the largest asteroid impacts by (estimated) crater size and where and when did they take place? Find out in the top 10 largest asteroid impacts by crater size!

Top 10 largest asteroid impacts by crater size

  1. Woodleigh Crater, Western Australia, 364 million years ago – 37 miles
  2. Morokweng Crater, North West, South Africa, 145 million years ago – 43 miles
  3. Chesapeake Bay Crater, Virginia, United States, 35 million years ago – 53 miles
  4. Acraman Crater, South East Australia, 580 million years ago – 56 miles
  5. Popigai Crater, Siberia, Russia, 35,7 million years ago – 62 miles
  6. Manicouagan Crater, Quebec, Canada, 215 million years ago – 62 miles
  7. Kara Crater, Nenetsia, Russia, 70,3 million years ago – 75 miles
  8. Sudbury Basin, Ontario, Canada, 1.8 billion years ago – 81 miles
  9. Vredefort Crater, Free State, South Africa, 2 billion years ago – 118 miles
  10. Chicxulub Crater, Yucat√°n, Mexico, 65 million years ago – 186 miles

NB crater size in diameter
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