Top 10 largest container shipping companies

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When you’re in a shop, do you ever wonder where all those products are made and how they were transported? Be it toys from China, your Iphone or bananas from Equador. At a certain stage these products were put in a container. One might say that containerization is one of the pillars of globalization, as virtually everything is shipped from A to B. Some companies make a big living out of container shipping. We’ve found out which companies are the largest container shipping companies in the world! Measured in Twenty Foot Equivalent (TEU) or the size of a standardized container.

Top 10 largest container shipping companies

  1. MOL, Tokyo, Japan – 507,515 TEU
  2. CSCL, Shanghai, China – 562,869 TEU
  3. APL (American Presidents Line), Singapore – 576,551 TEU
  4. Hanjin Shipping, Seoul, South Korea – 578,001 TEU
  5. Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg, Germany – 637,290 TEU
  6. Cosco Container, Beijjing, China – 719,942 TEU
  7. Evergreen Marine, Luzhu, Taiwan – 727,233 TEU
  8. CMA CGM Group, Marseille, France – 1,377,617 TEU
  9. Mediterranean Shg Company, Geneva, Switzerland – 2,176,116 TEU
  10. APM-Maersk, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2,578,662 TEU

Source: Alphaliner

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