Top 10 largest countries without armed forces

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The defense budget in the United States is approximately 4.7% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or a staggering 711 billion dollars annually. The total amount that is spent on military budget worldwide is 1,738 billion dollars (or $250 per year per capita worldwide!). War or preventing wars is big business. With these numbers it’s hard to believe that there are countries without armed forces. How do they protect themselves from foreign oppressors?

The countries in our next list don’t spent money on their defense and don’t have an army at all. They rely on neighbouring countries for their protection. Most of the listed countries are very small. Here’s a top 10 largest countries without armed forces!

Top 10 largest countries without armed forces

  1. Marshall Islands – 70 sq mi
  2. Grenada – 132 sq mi
  3. Saint Vincent & Grenadines – 150 sq mi
  4. Andorra – 180 sq mi
  5. Saint Lucia – 238 sq mi
  6. Federated States of Micronesia – 271 sq mi
  7. Kiribati – 313 sq mi
  8. Samoa – 1.093 sq mi
  9. Solomon Islands – 10.965 sq mi
  10. Costa Rica – 19.653 sq mi

compiled from many sources