Top 10 largest paper producing companies (2016 UPDATE)

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Have a look at the corporate website of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). A beautiful green forest and a message ‘care for tomorrow’. An excellent example of how a company deals with its corporate responsibility in response to Greenpeace’s Forest Campaign in Indonesia. The company committed to end all deforestation of natural forests.

APP is a big player in the production of paper, but it doesn’t show up in our next top 10 list, the top 10 largest paper producing companies. And as long as we print our email messages, read hard copies of newspapers or books and so on, the industry will have to search for creative solutions to avoid deforestation and clearcutting of old-growth forest. But for now here’s a top 10 largest paper producing companies, measured in tons (1,000 kg). And don’t print this list, share it!

Top 10 largest paper producing companies

  1. Nippon Paper, Japan – 76,542,000 tons
  2. DS Smith, UK – 6,802,000 tons
  3. Smurfit-Kappa Group, USA – 7,000,000 tons
  4. Sappi, South Africa – 7,306,000 tons
  5. Oji Paper, Japan – 9,188,000 tons
  6. Stora Enso, Finland – 9,771,000 tons
  7. UPM, USA – 9,115,000 tons
  8. WestRock, USA – 12,487,000 tons
  9. Nine Dragons Paper Holdings, China – 12,630,000 tons
  10. International Paper, USA – 23,315,000 tons

Source: PPI top 100 2016