Top 10 largest publishing companies

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Writing a book can be a hell of a job. You’ve got to come up with a fascinating plot or a nice piece of relevant scientific research. And once it’s finished, you don’t have a clue if your hours, days, months or even years of tough labour will pay out. That’s where the publisher comes in. The largest publishing companies publish thousands of titles on an annual basis.

Fact is that the majority of all manuscripts is rejected in the first place. Either the work is not good enough or it doesn’t fit in the spectrum of the publisher. All a writer can do is to keep searching in the hope that one publisher thinks it’s great and it will be a huge success. Many writers nowadays publish their writings online, hoping to be picked up by a large audience, and eventually, a respected publisher. Once you’re settled as a well known writer and your books sell like hot dogs in a football stadium, the largest publishing companies will be happy to offer you a contract. After all, they have the connections, the know-how and most importantly, the power to be critical, based on their reputation. In the end it all comes down to the money, no matter how authentic or creative your work is. So here’s a top 10 largest publishing companies by annual revenues!

Top 10 largest publishing companies

  1. Scholastic Corporation, United States – $1,906 million
  2. Holtzbrinck, Germany – $1,952 million
  3. Random House, Germany – $2,274 million
  4. McGraw-Hill Education, United States – $2,292 million
  5. Grupo Planeta, Spain – $2,304 million
  6. Hachette Livre, France – $2,649 million
  7. Wolters Kluwer, The Netherlands – $4,360 million
  8. Thomson Reuters, United States – $5,435 million
  9. Reed Elsevier, United Kingdom/The Netherlands/United States – $5,686 million
  10. Pearson, United Kingdom – $8,411 million

Publishers Weekly, 2011

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