Top 10 largest stars in the universe

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When it comes to the universe our natural feeling for distance and size lets us down. What you see glimmering in the nightly skies isn’t always what it seems. Obviously, the sun – our star – is by far the most luminous object for us. But at night, the most luminous object isn’t necessarily the closest star. Nor is it the largest star. As a matter of fact the sun is a rather small star.

Yet, it’s radius is 696,000 km, about 109 times that of Earth. But what are the largest stars in the universe as far as we know, measured in solar radii? Here’s a top 10 list largest stars in the universe!

Top 10 largest stars in the universe

  1. Mu Cephei – 1,000
  2. VV Cephei A – 1,050
  3. PZ Cassiopeiae – 1,190
  4. RW Cephei – 1,260
  5. VY Canis Majoris – 1,420
  6. KY Cygni – 1,420
  7. KW Sagittarii – 1,460
  8. VX Sagittarii – 1,520
  9. WOH G64 – 1,540
  10. NML Cygni – 1,650

Source: Wikipedia

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