Top 10 largest wind farms by production

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Remember Don Quixote fighting the windmills? He believed they were ferocious giants. The traditional suppliers of energy might well turn into modern Don Quixotes in the near future as many countries are heavily investing in wind power. Although the share of wind power as the share of the total energy output is still rather small, it is growing rapidly. The benefits are clear. It’s clean, it’s free, it’s profitable. That’s why we will see many mills on the future’s horizon. Check out the next list of largest wind farms by production!

Top 10 largest wind farms by production

  1. Buffalo Gap Wind Farm, USA – 523 MW
  2. Sweetwater Wind Farm, USA – 585 MW
  3. Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, USA – 599 MW
  4. Fântânele-Cogealac Wind Farm, Romania – 600 MW
  5. Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm, USA – 663 MW
  6. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, USA – 736 MW
  7. Roscoe Wind Farm, USA – 782 MW
  8. Shepherds Flat Wind Farm, USA – 845 MW
  9. Alta (Oak Creek-Mojave), USA – 1,020 MW
  10. Jaisalmer Wind Park, India – 1,064 MW

Source: Wikipedia

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