Top 10 least densely populated countries

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If you don’t like crowds, then you might like to take a look at this list of least densely populated countries. If you consider emigrating to one of those countries you’ve got to be prepared to live your life in harsh conditions. Be it a steamy jungle, a dry desert or a freezing cold ice plain. The good thing is that your next door neighbors live miles away.

With the current standard of technology in some sense our world has become a small planet. It’s not an absolute necessity to have physical contact to satisfy your basic needs. So if you’re happy to do a lot of groceries once a month in the nearest village approximately 200 miles away and then go back to your den to spend a month in relative isolation, then the countries in our next list are just the right thing for you. Make sure however that you don’t have to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbors. Here’s a top 10 least densely populated countries, measured by number of inhabitants per square kilometer!

Top 10 least densely populated countries

  1. Botswana: 3.66 (2.127.825 / 581.730 sq km)
  2. Canada: 3.46 (34.568.211 / 9.984.670 sq km)
  3. Suriname: 3.46 (566.846 / 163.820 sq km)
  4. Guyana (British): 3.44 (739.903 / 214.969 sq km)
  5. Libya: 3.41 (6.002.347 / 1.759.540 sq km)
  6. Mauritania: 3.34 (3.437.610 / 1.030.700 sq km)
  7. Iceland: 3.06 (315.281 / 103.000 sq km)
  8. Australia: 2.88 (22.262.501 / 7.741.220 sq km)
  9. Namibia: 2.64 (2.182.852 / 824.292 sq km)
  10. Mongolia: 2.06 (3.226.516 / 1.564.116 sq km)

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