Top 10 longest motor yachts

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Imagine your motor yacht, one of the largest motor yachts ever built, cruising around the blue waters of the Mediterranean, just a few nautical miles from Nice, Cannes or Monaco. Champagne, caviar and lobster for lunch prepared by your own chef de cuisine. You’ve just discussed some million dollar contracts and now you’re staring at the horizon.

But then, all of a sudden, your moment of inner peace and personal satisfaction gets rudely disturbed. Roman Abramovich just passed your vessel on starboard. You saw a glimpse of him on deck wiping his mouth, surrounded by his heavily armored security crew. He laughs. You don’t. The first thing to do is to call Germany, more specifically, the guys at Lürssen or Blohm & Voss. They’ll build a bigger motor yacht for you, if, of course, you show them the money. Here it is, bigger, better, more expensive, stuffed with even more abundant luxuries, the top 10 longest motor yachts! Deal with it, life sucks every now and then.

Top 10 longest motor yachts

  1. Al Mirqab (2008), Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani – 133.2m (437 ft)
  2. Serene (2010), Yuri Scheffler – 133.9m (440 ft)
  3. Rising Sun (2005), David Geffen – 138 m (453 ft)
  4. Al Salamah (1999) ,Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia – 139 m (456 ft)
  5. El Horriya (1865), Arab Republic of Egypt – 145.72 m (478.1 ft)
  6. Prince Abdulaziz (1984), King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – 147 m (482 ft)
  7. Topaz (2012), Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed – 147.25 m (483 ft)
  8. Al Saïd (2007), Sultan Qaboos of Oman – 155 m (509 ft)
  9. Dubai (2006), Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – 162 m (531 ft)
  10. Eclipse (2009), Roman Abramovich – 162.5 m (533 ft)