Top 10 lowest places on earth

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How low can you go without entering the earth’s crust? Well, like James Cameron you can go to the Mariana Trench inside the belly of a submersible vessel, but leaving the vessel at a depth of 37,700 feet isn’t really a smart thing to do. The pressure would be absolutely inbearible, and you wouldn’t see a thing because of the darkness. It’s much easier and safer to stay on the continent and visit one of the next spots. Moreover, these places normally are hot and dry and in some cases you can float on the salt lakes. These are the lowest places on earth!

Top 10 lowest places on earth

  1. Salton Sea (California); -227 ft (-69 m)
  2. Vpadina Akchanaya (Turkmenistan); -266 ft (-81 m)
  3. Death Valley (United States); -282 ft (-86 m)
  4. Laguna del Carbón (Argentina); -344 ft (-105 m)
  5. Denakil (Ethiopia); -410 ft (-125 m)
  6. Vpadina Kaundy (Kazakstan); -433 ft (-132 m)
  7. Qattara Depression (Egypt); -435 feet (-133 m)
  8. Turpan Pendi (China); -505 feet (-154 m)
  9. Lake Assal (Djibouti, Africa); -509 feet (-155 m)
  10. Dead Sea (Jordan/Israel); -1360 feet (-414 m)

Source: National Park Service

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