Top 10 most corrupt countries

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Corruption is of all ages. During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church sold indulgences, which was a highly profitable way of making money for the church and perhaps one of the most controversial corrupt practices at the time. In modern times corruption comes in many forms on almost any level of power. In the most corrupt countries corruption can be systemic, political or small scaled.

Specific acts of corruption include bribery, blackmailing, extortion and embezzlement. Transpararency International has created an index to show the perceived corruption per country. Finland, Norway and Denmark are perceived as very clean countries. But what are the top 10 most corrupt countries out of the 176 countries that were surveyed? Check the index of the most corrupt countries!

Top 10 most corrupt countries

  1. Yemen – 23
  2. Tajikistan, Cambodia, Angola – 22
  3. Libya, Laos, Democratic Republic of Congo – 21
  4. Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea – 20
  5. Venezuela, Chad, Haiti, Burundi – 19
  6. Iraq – 18
  7. Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan – 17
  8. Myanmar – 15
  9. Sudan – 13
  10. Somalia, Afghanistan, North Korea – 8

scores in CPI (Corruption Perception Index)

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