Top 10 most expensive domain names

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We can all agree that a good domain name is essential for your business. If McDonald’s were to run its site at, that wouldn’t really be a trusted name, would it. So, getting the right domain name will make people pay good money. How good? Here’s our list of the top-10 most expensive domain names so far. Did you guess the number 1? We don’t think you did.

Top 10 most expensive domain names

  1. (2008): $5.88M
  2. (2004): $7M
  3. (2006): $7.5M
  4. (2009): $7.5M
  5. (2010): $8.5M
  6. (2007): $9.5M
  7. (2010): $14M
  8. (2008): £15.8M
  9. (2009): $16M
  10. (2005): $20M


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