Top 10 most expensive islands

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Did you ever dream of owning your own island? I bet you have. And if you’ve seen Tom Cruise’s little piece of this earth in the movie Knight And Day, you’ll want one of those too! But can you? Of course you can, provided you bring enough cash to the table. Because these babies don’t come cheap, as you’ll discover in our list of most expensive islands.

Top 10 most expensive islands

  1. Bird Cay, Bahamas: $28 million
  2. Agria Trias, Athens, Greece: $28 million
  3. Cerralvo Island, Mexico: $35 million
  4. Hog Cay, Bahamas: $35 million
  5. Charles Island, Bahamas: $39 million
  6. Motu Tane, Bora Bora, French Polynesia: $40 million
  7. Hans Lollik Islands, US Virgin Islands: $45 million –
  8. Caye Chapel Resort, Belize: $65 million
  9. Ronde Island, Grenada: $100 million
  10. Lisbon Island, Portugal: $310 million

Source: Tripbase