Top 10 most popular soccer clubs on social media

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The most popular sport in the world is soccer. Billions of people worldwide watch the game of their favorite club on TV, in the stadium or, increasingly popular, on a live stream. Soccer today is a globalized industry with fans all over the world. The most popular soccer clubs are all well represented on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s just a matter of liking the club’s Facebook page or following the Twitter account to support your favorite club. The club in return gets more exposure and the possibilities to keep their fans updated about the results, programs, transfer news and, probably most important, their merchandizing. So in terms of popularity on social media, which soccer clubs are the most popular? Here’s a top 10 most popular soccer clubs on social media!

Top 10 most popular soccer clubs on social media

  1. Bayern Munchen – 7.441.404 fans: 340.863 followers on Twitter, 7.100.541 likes on Facebook
  2. Fenerbahce – 8.551.959 fans: 2.034.228 followers on Twitter, 6.517.731 likes on Facebook
  3. Galatasaray – 10.962.149 fans: 2.678.268 followers on Twitter, 8.283.881 likes on Facebook
  4. Liverpool FC – 13.762.645 fans: 1.687.336 followers on Twitter, 12.075.309 likes on Facebook
  5. Arsenal – 16.356.047 fans: 2.380.790 followers on Twitter, 13.975.257 likes on Facebook
  6. AC Milan – 16.651590 fans: 1.101.111 followers on Twitter, 15.550.479 likes on Facebook
  7. Chelsea FC – 19.217.640 fans: 2.163.122 followers on Twitter, 17.054.518 likes on Facebook
  8. Manchester United – 33.770.221 fans: 233.327 followers on Twitter*, 33.536.884 likes on Facebook
  9. Real Madrid – 45.977.338 fans: 7.754.699 followers on Twitter, 38.222.639 likes on Facebook
  10. FC Barcelona – 51.505.296 fans: 8.969.771 followers on Twitter, 42.535.525 likes on Facebook

* Twitter account of the Manchester United press office

Compiled: May 21, 2013

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