Top 10 most popular Twitter users

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There used to be a time when all that you read about your favorite actor, athlete or politician came from the tabloids. Not anymore! Thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter we can get timely updates on the lives of those we admire or hate, at any moment and almost realtime. Especially Twitter has proven to be the channel of choice for most celebrities. Here are the top 10 twitter users and services with the biggest online following.

Top 10 most popular Twitter users

  1. @KimKardashian: 16,150,123 followers
  2. @YouTube: 16,887,613 followers
  3. @shakira: 18,155,754: followers
  4. @taylorswift13: 18,741,146 followers
  5. @BarackObama: 19,913,988 followers
  6. @britneyspears: 20,483,783 followers
  7. @rihanna: 25,887,309 followers
  8. @katyperry: 26,701,462 followers
  9. @justinbieber: 28,040,894 followers
  10. @ladygaga: 29,561,022 followers

Source: Twittercounter