Top 10 most fatal shark attacks by region

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The chances that you will be attacked by a shark when you enter the coastal waters are 1 out of 11.5 million. Chances are much higher that you will be struck by lightning. Still, entering a predator’s habitat always imposes a risk. In New Zealand a 47-year-old man was killed today in a rare shark attack at Muriwai Beach, west of Auckland. New Zealand is definitely not the region where the most shark attacks occur.

The Florida Museum of Natural History has a database of confirmed unprovoked shark attacks. The total amount of attacks from 1580 to 2013 is 2,570. The shark species that cause the most fatalities are the Great White, the Tiger Shark and the Bull Shark. Reef Sharks and Lemon Sharks do attack and may cause severe injuries but are rarely fatal. So where do the most shark attacks take place? How often do they lead to a fatality and when was the last reported fatal shark attack? Find out in our next top 10 list most fatal shark attacks by region! And avoid murky waters at dawn.

Top 10 most fatal shark attacks by region

  1. Florida, USA – 663 attacks, 11 fatalities (2010)
  2. New Zealand – 49 attacks, 13 fatalities (2013)
  3. Western Australia – 65 attacks, 14 fatalities (2012)
  4. South Australia, Australia 35 attacks, 15 fatalities (2011)
  5. RĂ©union, Indian Ocean – 30 attacks, 15 fatalities (2012)
  6. Mexico (most notably Guerrero) – 39 attacks, 19 fatalities (2008)
  7. Papua New Guinea – 48 attacks, 24 fatalities (2000)
  8. Queensland, Australia – 161 attacks, 45 fatalities (2011)
  9. South Africa – 234 attacks, 52 fatalities (2012)
  10. New South Wales, Australia – 195 attacks, 57 fatalities (2008)

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